After learning the ropes of the business as a teenager and gaining sufficient knowledge, I established Tamerco General Contractors Inc. - a company that specializes in landscaping, house renovation, waterscape, waterproofing and concrete work. From humble beginnings to today's high-profile projects, our "do it right" attitude has set the standard for construction excellence in the markets we work. Tamerco General Contractors Inc.'s seventeen years of experience and dedication to building and nurturing relationships with its employees, subcontractors, and vendors speak of its core value of building beyond the design.

Our Team of Specialists

As your contractor, we pride ourselves on services that are reliable, time-efficient, and supported by a warranty. Our goal is to provide top-notch customer service, and we dedicate ourselves to completing every job to perfection. Our innovative solutions have been tested and certified in the industry for many years. From renovation and construction to maintenance, we deliver the services you need.

How we work

Our process begins with our experts visiting your home/office to understand your specifications. Based on your premises' layout, we design a plan that will be aesthetically pleasing and functional. As the company's owner, I will oversee each project for your added confidence. You will love our competitive prices offered for every service! Each of our employees practices in specific construction areas and provide a seamless and professional experience.

Why Choose Us?

17 years of experience

Top-notch customer service

Competitive prices


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